Shipping Information


When your order exceeds 50 euros you will not be charged shipping costs anywhere in Greece. For orders under € 100 shipping costs are € 4.50 excluding inaccessible areas.


All products displayed in our online store are in stock sufficient to meet the needs of our customers. Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

Bank Deposit.
For your convenience and faster delivery of your order, please state the order code and order
name given when it was created. To begin the process of shipment of products after depositing with a bank, it must appear
the amount deposited in the company account and identify the details. This process requires the contribution of the individual bank and may therefore delay the process of shipping the products.

Supplier delayed shipping:
in order to offer you a variety and competitive prices, order our products from a wide list of suppliers, Greek and foreign. However, it is often the case that an order is delayed in charging or shipping. In such cases we will contact you and ask if you want to
Deliver the order without this product or replace it with another one we recommend. We will ship this item immediately upon receipt to our warehouses.

The product you have ordered has already been removed and is not available:
products available through our online shop often have the effect of announcing that they are removing certain products unannounced. And in this case, the “company” man will contact you to provide you with alternatives.

When extreme weather events or strikes occur and generally in cases of force majeure affecting smooth transportation and delivery.
Finally, in any case where you cannot be contacted (by phone or by email) to troubleshoot any problems, regarding your order or payment. For example, when your information you entered is not properly updated. In any case, we are at your disposal at our e-mail address